Come say hello already!

I feel lucky to have so many wonderful friends in my professional circle, and April / May / June mark the “sweet spot” of the calendar. Here are some places where you can catch me in my roles as AP Stats guy / Desmos guy / track and field guy. I also teach classes now and then 🙂

April 13: HHEF “Hatters’ Hold ‘Em” night. Get your ticket today! I’ll be dealing blackjack, and I often give away black chips “by mistake”. Also, beer.
April 14: AP Stats review for HS students at Villanova. My presntation on Sampling and Experimental design will be wonderful! I promise!
April 17: Field event referee, HH vs Wissahickon (heckle me at Pole Vault!)
April 18: ATMOPAV Spring Conference. So much goodness here. Stay for the keynote by Annie Fetter during the dinner hour. All the details here!
April 21: West Chester Conference for Pre-Serivce Teachers
April 24: Field event referee, HH vs PW (say hello at the discus cage!)
April 25: Desmos pre-confernce, Washington DC
April 26: Desmos trivia night. Keep track of all Desmosian happenings!
April 27: NCTM 2018, Washington. “Math Task Makeover With Desmos Activity Builder”, with the awesome Michael Fenton! 4:30pm. Full program.
May 1: Field event referee. Come for the long jump, stay for the triple jump!
May 8: Field event referee. HH senior appreciation night! Boys and girls meet. So many wonderful athletes to honor. Love working with these kids!
May 11/12: Continental Conference meet official.
May 16: AP Stats “murder mystery” review night!
May 17: AP Stats exam day! Pins and needles people……
May 18/19: PA District 1 meet. Clerk of Course. Get those uniforms right!
May 20: sleep day…go away….
June 7 (tentative): “AP Stats Fair”  – love to have professionals from the Philly area help judge the many projects. If you have interest, please contact me.
June 10-18: AP Stats Reading, Kansas City. Radio silence in effect!
June 26-27: Desmos Summer Institute at HH! Register today!
July 16: Desmos at Rancocas Valley HS for AMTNJ


One response to “Come say hello already!

  1. Hello….I am unable to attend any of your presentations. I am wondering if you could share your AP Stats Presentation on Sampling and Exp. Design? I am also curious about your “Murder Mystery”. I am always looking for new ideas to incorporate into my AP stats class! Thank you

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