6/10 Travel Day Welcome to Kansas City!
Acorn Orientation Meeting, 8pm
6/11 Day 1 The reading begins! 8am, bright and early!
Geocaching Tour
Royals Game Outing – look for Zion Goss’ event on the Facebook site
Social Lounge Opens
Theme shirt day: Hometown pride day. Wear a shirt or a sports jersey from your hometown or where you teach.
6/12  Day 2  College Board Open Forum 
9PM in the social lounge: “One Stop Shop”. 
Meet the social team, buy & order apparel and extra buttons (limited quantities – while supplies last), register for Casino Night, meet Mother and Father Acorn, sign up for Quiz Bowl, and make your Fun Run prediction!
6/13  Day 3 

Professional Night
Dr. Tim Hesterberg, Senior Statistician at Google
TECH-STRAVAGANZA – See flyer below
Resources for “r”: Michael Posner’s intro
Desmos Stats Feature video

Theme shirt day: Geekiest Math / Stat shirt. This is the day to wear the ONE shirt you’ve been saving for JUST the right day. This is THAT day!

6/14  Day 4 

Dine Out Night!
Applied Probability Night (Harrah’s Casino – details below)
Theme shirt day: College shirt day.  Show off your collegiate pride!

6/15  Day 5  10th Annual 95% Confidence, 1.96 Mile Fun Run
Fun Run Shirt Day
Make your prediction: Google Form
Geek Week Quiz Bowl at 8:30pm
Theme shirt day: FUN RUN shirt day. It’s the tenth anniversary of this amazing event. Wear a shirt from the current or past fun run, or ANY AP Stats shirt! See you at the run!
6/16  Day 6  Best Practices Night
Check out the archive below!
6/17  Day 7  Closing Night Funstravaganza
6/18  Travel Day Goodbye Kansas City!

APPLIED PROBABILITY NIGHT: Shuttles start at 5:30 at the Marriot and run continuously until last departure from Harrah’s at 9:30. Those that ride the shuttle can earn $10 free play after earning 25 Tier Credits with a Caesar’s Card, and are good for that evening. Bring your Caesar’s Card or sign up for one with valid ID at the casino


Download and directions to the course: https://mathcoachblog.files.wordpress.com/2019/06/2019-fun-run-brochure.pdf

Make your prediction

Register to volunteer (we love our volunteers!)

fun run




2018: most links below are Powerpoints. Visit my Dropbox for all files

Doug Tyson: The Last Banana YouTube Video
Bob Lochel: Assembling the Model Solution Blog Post
Sarah Johnson: The Flint Water Crisis: The Power of a P-Value
Laura Ziegler: Interpreting Histograms Class Handout
Kelly Spoon: Card Sorts for Statistics! Online Resources
James Bush: The Darth Vader Rule
Amy Hogan and Alexandra Brennan: Fake Data Class Handout Blog Post
Jason Dahl: Group MC Tests
Stephen Laber: Brain Cancer and Flipping Coins
Bridget Matamoros: Dowsing for Water Blog post
Mike Pugliese: Estimating r with ellipses
Jamie Perrett: What do these error bars tell us?
Luke Wilcox: 150 Days of AP Stats The Stats Medic website
Darla Emerson: Break In
Abel Maestas: Mr. Maestas and the Great Extrapolation Race
Darin Clifft: Confidence Intervals: A Performance Piece
Leigh Nataro: Stand and Talk Blog post

2017: Speaker links below are pdf files.  Visit my DropBox for the full files.

Paul Rodriguez: Statistics with Fishes
Lara Schultz: Solving the Monty Hall Problem – A Simulation Activity Activity Handout
Steve Willott: There’s a bit more to that “you fool” bear video
Kyle Greene: Computer Science and Statistics…the wedding.
Carla Hill: Number of Letters in Your Name vs. Scrabble Value of Your Name
Luci Thomas: Stacking the Deck
Dru Martin: Making it Stick – Measures of Success
Beth Johnson: Using the “AP style grading model” in Undergraduate Introductory Statistics Classes
Jeff Eicher: Sampling GPAs – Interpreting Confidence Levels
Bridget Matamoros: That’s a bunch of WeiBULL
Beth Rothfuss: Random Homework
John Bennett: Simulated Series and Simulation Excel
Kathy Dickensheets: Breakout of the AP Classroom
Chris Viste: Post Exam Day Activities
Mandi Kraemer: The Final Countdown – Last-Minute AP Review Strategies
Doug Tyson: My First Class: Smelling Parkinson’s Disease

Looking for highlights from previous best practices night presentations?  Visit the archive at Jason Molesky’s Statsmonkey site