AP Stats Resources

Thanks to these friends of the Stats community who proposed additional resources: Corey Andreasen, @MathDoris on twitter, Joel Bezaire


AP Statistics Exam Description: includes description of format and past free-response questions

AP Statistics on YouTube: College Board playlist for AP Statistics

My Desmos Activities for AP Statistics: aligned to TPS4e, but useful for any AP Stats course

StatsMedic: Lesson plans, activities and blog posts from experts in the stats community

Skew the Script: AP Stats lessons in socially relevant contexts.

Ask Good Questions: blog posts from Allan Rossman, former Chief Reader for the AP Statistics Exam. Many class examples and ideas for fostering statistical discussions.

NCSSM: North Carolina School of Stats and Mathematics Summer Institute resources.

Julia Anker’s Desmos Activity Collection: organized into 8 unit lessons

Facebook Community: the Facebook AP Statistics Teacher community


Stapplets: applets for processing data sets, making graphs, and computing summary statistics. Also include some class investigation applets.

Rossman / Chance Applet Collection: applets for investigating statistical concepts.

Art of Stat Web Apps: Interactive apps for exploring statistical concepts.

Geogebra: applets for probability and inference


Flowing Data: Engaging data visualizations and links to news sources

Daily Infographic: visualizations categorized by topic

What’s Going on in This Graph: New York Time feature – weekly graphs and moderated message board

Chance Magazine: online journal from the American Statistical Association

Jared Derksen: reviews, resources and activities from one of the best

Shelly Temple: classroom ideas and experiences from an AP Stats teacher

Amy Hogan: classroom experiences, and links to data sources and social justice resources

Teaching Statistics Across Any Setting: webinar series with lesson ideas and classroom stories


USING ONLINE TOOLS TO TELL A STATISTICAL STORY – CMC South Virtual Conference (November 2020)

4 STRATEGIES FOR USING DESMOS IN STATISTICS CLASSES – Teaching Statistics Across Any Setting webinar, Fall 2020

ASSEMBLING THE MODEL SOLUTION – AP Statistics Best Practices Night, June 2018


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