Desmos Classroom File Cabinet

Desmos “Top 5” Handout – share for Desmos beginners

Desmos Bingo – Created by Michael Fenton and the Twitter Math Camp crew. Progress through, beginner, advanced and legend tasks.  Great for school PD!

Desmos Bank – teacher-created Desmos links. Searchable by subject and topic. Thanks to Jed Butler for creating this excellent resource. – new to the Desmos game, or looking to sharpen your skills?  This is your one-stop shop of hints, ideas, and activities.  Use the resources to run your own self-directed PD session. – try Desmos-created activities with your class.  The famous Penny Cirlce, Function Carnival and Polygraphs.  Then try your hand at making your own with the new activity builder.  Here are a few activities I have used in my classes, from algebra 1 through statistics.  To experience them as a student click the “as a student” link, or “steal” them using the links I’ve provided and edit them as you see fit. Enjoy!

Mean, Median and Variability: participate as a student

Properties of Quadratic Functions: participate as a student

Discovering Linear Inequalities: participate as a student

Building Rational Functions: participate as a student

Comparing Distributions by Center and Variability: participate as a student

Kohl’s Cash! (step functions): participate as a student

Ready for 9th Grade? (I use this on day 1 to assess student skills): participate as a student

Wild About Absolute Value: participate as a student

Expressing Number Patterns (arithmetic sequences): participate as a student

Mean, Median and Variability: participate as a student

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines: participate as a student

ACTIVITIES FOR AP STATISTICS: I use “The Practice of Statistics” 4e.

Describing Distributions, chapter 1

Shape and Measures of Center, chapter 1/2

Normal Distribution Practice, chapter 2

Ogives and Percentiles, chapter 2

Correlation and LSRL’s, chapter 3

Regression and Mini-Tab Output, chapter 3

Probability and 2-Way Tables, chapter 5

Practice with Binomial Probability, chapter 6

Sampling Distributions, textbook questions recap, chapter 7

Matched-Pairs Hypothesis Testing, chapter 10

A collection of links I have created for and used in my classroom, featuring the Desmos online graphing calculator:  Many of these are simple demonstrations you can use in classroom lessons.  I often share them with students on Edmodo to have students follow along with flipped videos, or to allow students to recap ideas we have learned.

Looking forward to populating this further!  Contact me if you have any links to add and share, or if there is anything you would like to see.

AP Statistics lessons – here is a blog post which explains how to include these lessons in your stats course.

Binomial Probability Distribution

Regression Facts

Explaining the Coefficient of Determination

InfluentialInfluential Points – observe the influence of points on the LSRL.


Eccentricity of an ellipse

Focus / Directrix of a parabola, by @greenkirill

Hyperbola (opens up/down)

Hyperbola (opens side/side)

Shared Work Problem

Graphs of logarithmic functions

Complex Number addition

Parametric Equation Intro with Worksheet

Parametric Equations – Is Cowboys Stadium Scoreboard Too Low?

Even and Odd Functions

Factoring the difference of perfect cubes

Absolute Value Inequalities

Piecewise function example, with slider

Related rates opener

Build the ideal snowman

Function puzzle

Gradient Correlation – I have no idea what the significance of this is…but give it to your students and let them play.

Fireworks! by the Desmos team


Conic Sections Project – thanks to the Desmos crew for the awesome editing job.

Desmos Learning Session







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THIS is awesome. I have just discovered the desmos regression and am really excited to have your video tutorial to pass off to the Algebra 1 teacher. Incredibly helpful. Thank you!

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