Time to Start a Blog?

Welcome to the Math Coach Blog! I suppose on these blog-things, introductions are in order….I have been a math teacher in Pennsylvania for the past 15 years, teaching high school math for 12 years, where I taught AP Statistics, along with an introductory stat course for freshmen. My schedule was also dotted with the occasional Algebra II, Trig and SAT math course.

This past summer, my seemingly happy and anonymous high school teaching career was turned upside-down when I was asked to become secondary math coach in my district. What’s a math coach? I’m not sure I know, as the job seems to re-define itself from week to week. At least, when my family and friends ask what I do now, there’s not really a short and snappy answer. Just easier to say I’m a math teacher I suppose….

In the past few months, I have had the extordinary pleasure to have teachers from both middle and high schools in my district invite me into my classes and work on interesting, engaging lessons. I hope to share some of my experiences here, and communciate with colleagues who are interested in the coaching model.


By Bob Lochel

HS Math Teacher. Hatboro-Horsham School District, Horsham, PA.

2 replies on “Time to Start a Blog?”

Congratulations, Bob! The blog thing is something on my must do list, but it keeps getting bumped to the bottom of my list. Tweet your new posts as they emerge. Ready for pressure? I plan on sending some of my math colleagues, here, so keep that production rolling!

Thanks for stopping by recently. Your blog looks interesting and I’m looking forward to having a spare moment to read deeply. Can you do a favor and put an RSS feed link up? Should some kind of option or checkbox in the settings. I don’t use, but both WordPress and blogspot make it super easy to do.



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