Making Friends and Breaking Pringles, the Exciting Conclusion!

Yesterday was the day of reckoning for the Pringles!  Donna’s class and the kids I am working with met on Skype, awash in anticipation over the status of the mailed Pringles.  I started the proceedings by opening the two shaky-looking boxes.  The first looked quite sad and crushed, and peeling back the cardboard revealed just some rolled up bubble-wrap (bubble warp will become a theme in this blog!)….but…..can you believe it….the chip survived intact, and was quite delicious.  In the second box, the was a different outcome, as at least 20 pieces of chip were spread out all over the desk….


Next to be opened was the box my kids made. Encased in floral foam with cotton balls inside, the chip did not quite survive, with 2 main pieces. A disappointment, yes. But something to learn from for next time.

The final box to be opened was the one from out New Jersey-Giants-Yankees-trash-talking friends. Opening this box was quite a chore, with lots of masking tape, a styrafoam cup for a holder, and even a surprise pencil included for support. How did it fare? (thanks to Donna for the video coverage)

Another intact chip!

In the end, Donna’s class are the inter-galactic Pringles Chip winners, at least for one day.

Epliogue: the day after the skype chat, a 4th box from New Jersey arrived late. It too contained an intact chip, using plastic cups to serve as a Pringles cocoon. Nice job by Donn’a class.


By Bob Lochel

HS Math Teacher. Hatboro-Horsham School District, Horsham, PA.

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