Instantly Grade Google Docs with Flubaroo

Back in February, at the annual ASCD conference, I saw a presentation by Google, where they demonstrated a number of tools your can use with their documents.  One of those tools was Flubaroo, which I just now had my first opportunity to test drive.  If you are comfortable with making a Google Doc quiz, then Flubaroo is simple script you can use to provide student feedback.

To test it out, I created a short quiz, and shared it with colleagues.  The video below steps you through how I used Flubaroo to grade it:

Think about some of the ways we can use this:

  • Have students submit homework or quick quiz responses.
  • Have a few computers with a Google Doc quiz serve as an activity in a learning center
  • Allow students use phones or laptops to respond to short prompts.
  • Provide daily basic skills assessments, instantly graded

I’d love to hear how others are using this tool.

One response to “Instantly Grade Google Docs with Flubaroo

  1. John J. Kalicki

    Thanks! This is wonderful.

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