Last Night at Global Math….

Thanks to Megan Hayes-Golding for hosting last night’s session at the Global Math Department, where I shared some of my Tall Tales for Probability.  The recording is now available.  This was my second time presenting, and it is a unique experience.  I recognize that I talk WAY too fast at times, mostly because I am so excited to share my ideas.  But sitting alone on the couch talking to my laptop, and trying to assess reactions in the chat room make online speaking a wild ride.  I was the 2nd speaker of the evening, and enjoyed Chris Harrow‘s sharing the 4’s Game, and Chris Hunter‘s ideas for cooperative learning.  Always an uplifting experience to be around such excellent educators!

I had a few requests for the video of the hay bales.  I have put it on dropbox, but it is a BIG file.  Let me know if I need to zip it.


By Bob Lochel

HS Math Teacher. Hatboro-Horsham School District, Horsham, PA.

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