All about ATMOPAV

One of the many hats I wear is that of second vice-president of ATMOPAV, the Association of Teachers of Mathematics of Philadelphia and Vicinity.  The organization hosts conferences in the fall and spring, provides awards and grants for classroom teachers, and publishes a newsletter 3 times a year.  Find out more about our organization on our website.

This past fall, we were all excited when the ATMOPAV newsletter was recognized by NCTM as best chapter newsletter, and our fantastic editor Lynn Hughes will accept recognition at the NCTM national conference in April.  And now, for the first time, our newsletter is available for pdf download.  The Winter, 2013 edition features:

  • “Graph Paper Racing” , “Electing the National Donut” and a review of Dragon Box, by Lynn Hughes
  • Pedagogical Ideas, Chapter 1 by Beth Benzing
  • “Fun and Engaging Bar Graphs” by Rich Murray
  • Technology Corner – thoughts on the TI-84 OS by Margaret Deckman
  • And, a guide for getting started on Twitter by yours truly!

Visit the ATMOPAV website, and click the Newsletter tab to download and enjoy our award-winning publication.

Middle School Technology

ATMOPAV 2012 Presentation

What a great day of math sharing today at the ATMOPAV (Association of Teachers of Mathematics of Philadelphia and Vicinity) conference at Strath Haven High School, near Philly.  First, interesting “function dances” and iPad applications on developing function concepts by Scott Steketee.  Then, insights into the Common Core emphasis on functions, with assessment examples from PARCC, from John Mahoney.

In the afternoon, I enjoyed presenting my session, “Encouraging Perseverance in Problem Solving” to an enthusiastic group.  Hope they all find something of value from the session to take back to their schools!  My speaker slides, and some related videos and handouts, are below.





Shared-work Problem (Mr. L needs an assistant):



Sharp Turn!

Elvis on the Beach