Conics Webcast

Thursday evening at 8PM EST, June 20, I am looking forward to sharing my Desmos conics project in a webcast.


Go to Desmos’ place on YouTube: where you will be able to view the webinar and answer questions.  This webinar was rescheduled after some snafus with Google Hangout, which we hope (fingers crossed) will be all ready to go tomorrow.  Scroll down to my last post for more info.  Have your computer ready to watch, and maybe your iPad handy, as we will walk through a sample drawing.

Hope to see you there.  What should I wear when broadcasting from my dining room?  Suggestions encouraged.

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More Great Conics Project News!

UPDATE – a newer post concerning this project, with rubric can be found with this post.

I can tell it’s the end of the school year, and math teachers are looking for fun math projects to do with their classes, as the search terms which get people to my blog contain lots of references to “conics projects, “math art projects” and the like.  The searches have led to many hits to my conic sections art project blog post from last June.

At my home high school, this is the second year we have done our long-standing conic sections art project using the Desmos calculaor, and this year’s submissions have raised the bar considerably.  The most improvement has come from working with students to restirct domains, which has made more complex drawings easier to manage.  Here are a few to share, but look for an announcement from Desmos, with whom I will present a webinar on June 6 and give you some ideas for getting started with your class.

First off, a tiger, which took over 100 individual equations to create.  Stunning!


Next up, an ambitious student who took 87 different picture “slides” to create this animated gif.  I wish I was half this creative when I was 15!

Falling Man

Check out the recording from the Global Math Department for more information, and be on the lookout for webinar information on the 6th!  Meanwhile, let me check some of our other Algebra 2 classes for some promising projects!